Mereasy Ltd, in collaboration with many Italian societies, sector leaders in Sicily, has the requirements and experience to operate complete construction (from digging to turnkey), restoration, plant design and installation, furniture and facility management.

New Constructions Division

Mereasy works with design and realization, in a professional and competent way, of residential, commercial and industrial constructions.

Restoration Division

Mereasy works in the restoration sector of buildings and historical monuments.

Public works Division

Thanks to our Staff’s skill and a meticulous check and management we can build public works.

System Division

Mereasy deals with design and realization of different system types.

Furniture and Supplier Division

Mereasy provides indoor and outdoor furniture for flats, Hotels, restaurants, offices and communities.

Works gallery

Mereasy wants to present itself as an exclusive partner for enterprisers, whom want to realise commercial facilities, hotel or residential buildings, or for architects in search of an enterprise that is capable to work with innovative technologies and environment friendly materials, in a way that suits the workplace safety standards.


Mereasy Ltd

10 Capuchins Street, Victoria
VCT 9081 - Gozo - Malta