New Constructions Division

Mereasy works with design and realization, in a professional and competent way, of residential, commercial and industrial constructions.

Guaranteed competitve prices and delivery times are our forte, however, professionalism, quality, , total assistance and enthusiasm form part of our service apart from the continuous updates of building techniques and new materials like reinforced concrete, prefabricated elements, steel and wood and customisable solutions.

These factors allow us to complete turnkey works and satisfy all the commitments and needs for: buildings, villas, hotels, specific industrial warehouse, cold storage and shopping centres.

Restoration Division

Mereasy works in the restoration sector of buildings and historical monuments.

Specifically, with high professional human sources and vanguard technologies, we deal with recovering and development of private and public Construction heritage sites, bringing them back to their original state and preserving them from further damage.

By mixing traditional procedures and materials with innovative tools, equipment and a decennial skill-mix over specialized works. We offer a professional team for restoring paintings and stone material, anti-earthquake improving and modernisation of buildings, using new technologies and materials that complement the Maltese architecture style, and implement eco-friendly and eco-sustainable technologies.

Public works Division

Thanks to our staff and management skills and meticulous operation we can build public works such as hospital, schools, social housing, roads, squares, sewage treatment plants, water supplies, etc. Guaranteeing a high level quality and delivery for the procuring entities.

Our staff’s vast experience allows to create and design complex
Public Works.

System Division

Mereasy deals with design and apprehension of different system types:

  • electrical, heating, air-conditioning, security, fire-prevention, water treatment, building automation and special systems for residential buildings, commercial facilities and industries.

Mereasy specialises in design and installation of renewable source generators, such as solar-panel systems, cost-efficiency systems (E.S.Co.) including private buildings, public illumination and facility management.

Furniture and Supplier Division

Mereasy provides indoor and outdoor furniture for flats, hotels, restaurants, offices and communities.

Aside from furnishing, we design turnkey projects and offer a detailed rendering made by our architects.

Alongside the services of furniture, we can also provide external openings in wooden, aluminium and PVC; internal openings, REI 30/60/90/120/180 emergence doors, metal fire doors, awnings, curtains, floors, parquets, floating floors and indoor/outdoor lights.

Furthermore, we supply technical products with European validation like bookshop and offices furniture (REI 90 catalogue). The products are delivered and set up by our professional staff. Offering 50 years of experience in the design sector.